For many years our biggest focus has been in the country of Cuba working with the Christian community there to assist established evangelistic efforts.  We were first called ‘Bridge Builders’ in Cuba and the term became more prevalent with each visit. Our name was eventually enhanced to ‘Bridge Builder for the Cross’ and made official with incorporation in 2005.
We were introduced to Cuba in 1991 and since that time have led large and small groups participating in construction projects at the Cedars of Lebanon Seminary in Pinar del Rio, the Pedro Gonzales Nursing Home in Havana and a variety of church and mission projects in Western Cuba.
We have been involved in introducing pastors and lay people to the many churches, missions, and ‘casa cultos’ giving them the opportunity to share and witness first hand church growth from a new and different perspective. Probably the most important aspect of any mission experience is the opportunity to witness personally what most of us have only heard about from visiting missionaries and encountered through our missions offerings. Many times it is beyond description to finally be able to meet converts and see the churches that we have been involved with only through our prayers and our money.
Our many years of traveling have shown the generosity of our short term missionaries with their benevolence. We have taken hundreds of suitcases filled with Christian literature, medicines, tools, clothing, electronic equipment, and a wide array of greatly needed items. With each trip our Cuban friends experience our love for them and Christian compassion in action.
Jesus said to his followers, “There is such a big harvest of people to bring in. But there are only a few workers to help harvest them. God owns the harvest. Ask him to send more workers to help gather his harvest.”                                                                                        
Matthew 9:37-38

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Our work in Mexico, as in Cuba, has also followed our purpose statement. However, through the almost 20 years of mission work in Mexico, we have been involved in a much broader spectrum of capacities and ministries. The work primarily started with leading youth groups to the McAllen, TX/ Reynosa, MX area and working with Free Will Baptists in that locale.  A newly established seminary in Reynosa called ‘Seminary of the Cross’  provided an excellent opportunity for youth, as well as adults, to contribute manual labor and construction skills in building a training center for pastors and Christian workers. There were opportunities for many years to participate with this very important project, interacting with students and faculty, and observing the graduates leave to continue the Lord’s work in Mexico. Located also in the Reynosa area were a number of church where there seemed to be plenty of painting and other projects that the pastors were happy to have the help. The closeness of the border, relatively inexpensive trips, the friendliness of the Mexican people, and the satisfaction of being involved in the Great Commission permitted our “part time missionaries” to realize a fulfillment of being involved in the international scene.
In recent years a change in ministries has taken us to the Eagle Pass, TX/Piedras Negras, Coahuila, MX area and to become involved in a much broader range of ministries. We met a variety of ministry leaders with our initial visit in 2003 and were introduced to more Christian ministries serving the social needs of the area. We began initially in assisting a local orphanage.  From there we made contact with a faith based drug and alcohol treatment center and served with them for several years. Later in 2006 a relationship was formed with the organization “Share God’s Love with All”. This partnership continued several years and ministered to the many small villages in the rural and desolate areas all over the state of Coahuila. The Word was preached and food bags were made available wherever we went. We showed Christian films in the evenings, which were a real treat, as it was rare any of the villages had electricity.
In January 2010 our ministry shifted directions once more. When the violence in Mexico began to change the scope of our ministry, our vision returned to serving children. With the economic changes and cultural shifts we felt that we were directed to orphanages and church ‘soup kitchens’ feeding poor and hungry children in the Piedras Negras area.
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